Happy new Floater

2008 is over. 2009 is here. Tacoma status report:

-The economy is in the basement
-Unemployment is way up
-Mortgage rates are down (approaching 5% again)
-Businesses big and small are failing like crazy
-Many houses are for sale, but few are actually selling
-All the late December snow has melted
-Avalanches have closed mountain passes and taken several lives already this season

Tacoma, what have we to look forward?

Floater plays Seattle on January 10th! Market Showbox.

Bring on the world

Tacoma restaurants continue to improve and impress. I could have 3 squares per day at Tacoma restaurants I’ve never been to for at least a month straight right now. 5 years ago I had been to just about every relevant restaurant in town. Of course, that was before they started multiplying like rabbits on ecstasy. Whether you are looking for upscale latin, gourmet sushi, or authentic Thai food, the decision is no longer an easy one; there are now several options for each of these within Tacoma proper.

Where am I going with this?

Seattle continues its reign as Tacoma’s big cousin to the north, but little cousin is growing up fast. I was born here and have lived the majority of my adult life here as well. I don’t need stats, charts, articles or anybody else to tell me what is going on. Every day, everywhere, I see growth. The rising job markets, swirling restaurant scene, skyrocketing (still affordable) real estate, college campuses, and ever-desirable geographical location make Tacoma a no-brainer for many living in the Puget Sound region.

As Seattle continues to grow, the byproducts are more business and more people operating within a shrinking, finite supply of actual space. This effectively moves Tacoma closer and closer to Seattle. Will we be ready for it? Can we truly be the destination for multinational corporate headquarters and an unlimited supply of cutting edge employment opportunity like we were promised 10 years ago?

I hope so.

What do you think?

BUMBER you’ll say SHOOT when you pay your admission

$35 per day. That’s what it will cost this year for a one-day visit to Bumbershoot. By the time you add in gas, parking, food, drink & more drink, you’re over $100. Consider yourself warned.

That being said, I plan on going not once, but TWICE this year; I haven’t been in a decade. Last time I went, it was either to see Elliott Smith or Built To Spill or both (can’t remember) and I swear it was under $20 to get in. My dilemma this year is that there are 5 or 6 things I would kinda like to see on Saturday, but one really important thing to see on Sunday and another Monday. I will likely end up paying $70 just to see two bands and a shlamozzel of interesting people. Hurt me.

That’s what you gotta do when Seaweed takes the stage. Dig down deep within yourself and your wallet, suck it up, and pay your respects. Spare me your excuses. How often does a Tacoma band make a run like this? Leave your excuses and your fears in Tacoma, and make the rare voyage into the bowels of Seattle. Trust me, you’ll be a better person for it.