Happy new Floater

2008 is over. 2009 is here. Tacoma status report:

-The economy is in the basement
-Unemployment is way up
-Mortgage rates are down (approaching 5% again)
-Businesses big and small are failing like crazy
-Many houses are for sale, but few are actually selling
-All the late December snow has melted
-Avalanches have closed mountain passes and taken several lives already this season

Tacoma, what have we to look forward?

Floater plays Seattle on January 10th! Market Showbox.

Floater plays Tacoma on June 21st


The summer solstice party to end all summer solstice parties is almost upon us. June 21st, 2008, Hell’s Kitchen, Tacoma, Washington. Floater. I’m so flippin excited I just might have to change my pants.

Eugene/Portland’s finest trio is on the road again. They’ve been playing a lot of shows, releasing digital acoustic albums, collaborating on side projects and continuing to improve. It’s gross, really.

Call it coincidence that my birthday happens to be 4 days prior to the show. I would like to thank the band in advance for my belated birthday gift. Don’t even worry about getting me a card. Playing right down the street is plenty.

To hear samples and buy CD’s, visit Floater’s official website. To get involved with other Floater fans, try Exiled.

Floater time

Time for another Floater show tonight in Seattle. I suppose you don’t have any plans. Maybe you’re looking for something to do and you’re not afraid of Seattle. I may have just the solution for your Saturday night. The acoustic version of Floater is a fantastic way to acquaint yourself with their music, as it tends to be a little more melodic. More than any other band I know, these guys are so much better live than on CD; it’s hard to explain unless you’ve been to see them. I’ve maintained that The Showbox is the premier music venue in Western Washington for years, and this is still the case. Head up to Seattle around 9? See you in the bar, stage right.