Seaweed, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, 8/7/09

Tacoma’s greatest band is playing The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle on Friday August 7, 2009. They bring their powerful brand of pre-grunge punk to the Emerald City amid suspicion that they are prepped and ready to embark on recording a new album. Hopefully we’ll get more information on that in a couple days. Last week they played Portland, so expect them to be ready and firing on all cylinders.

Seaweed in Seattle Seaweed playing Crocodile Cafe

BUMBER you’ll say SHOOT when you pay your admission

$35 per day. That’s what it will cost this year for a one-day visit to Bumbershoot. By the time you add in gas, parking, food, drink & more drink, you’re over $100. Consider yourself warned.

That being said, I plan on going not once, but TWICE this year; I haven’t been in a decade. Last time I went, it was either to see Elliott Smith or Built To Spill or both (can’t remember) and I swear it was under $20 to get in. My dilemma this year is that there are 5 or 6 things I would kinda like to see on Saturday, but one really important thing to see on Sunday and another Monday. I will likely end up paying $70 just to see two bands and a shlamozzel of interesting people. Hurt me.

That’s what you gotta do when Seaweed takes the stage. Dig down deep within yourself and your wallet, suck it up, and pay your respects. Spare me your excuses. How often does a Tacoma band make a run like this? Leave your excuses and your fears in Tacoma, and make the rare voyage into the bowels of Seattle. Trust me, you’ll be a better person for it.