Seaweed, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, 8/7/09

Tacoma’s greatest band is playing The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle on Friday August 7, 2009. They bring their powerful brand of pre-grunge punk to the Emerald City amid suspicion that they are prepped and ready to embark on recording a new album. Hopefully we’ll get more information on that in a couple days. Last week … Read moreSeaweed, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, 8/7/09

BUMBER you’ll say SHOOT when you pay your admission

$35 per day. That’s what it will cost this year for a one-day visit to Bumbershoot. By the time you add in gas, parking, food, drink & more drink, you’re over $100. Consider yourself warned. That being said, I plan on going not once, but TWICE this year; I haven’t been in a decade. Last … Read moreBUMBER you’ll say SHOOT when you pay your admission