Pacific Avenue in ruins

Photo of old Pacific Avenue trees lining the street Dec. 2012 It’s hard to pass through the northern end of Pacific Avenue right now without feeling like excrement. After driving through earlier, I am unable to fully comprehend what is happening down there. It has been puzzling for awhile now and I’ve been doing my … Read morePacific Avenue in ruins

What’s with Puget Sound area banks?

Washington Mutual and now Rainier Pacific. Both have gone from riches to rags and both originated in our backyard. While not as spooky as the WaMu debacle, the Rainier Pacific dissolution seems to be exactly what this region needs to avoid. This pattern of 1 step forward and 2 steps back is not going to … Read moreWhat’s with Puget Sound area banks?

Tacoma Union Bank of California building for sale

The Bank of California Building at 1011 Pacific Ave in downtown Tacoma is for sale. I had the privilege of meeting owner Jay Yi last week and he allowed us a full tour of the historic site. The impressive structure is packed with an arsenal of equally impressive contents. Never having been used for anything … Read moreTacoma Union Bank of California building for sale

Let’s give ‘em something to talk about

The Dock Street/Downtown waterfront of Tacoma is in trouble. The museum restaurant has closed, following the Blue Olive on their way out of town. The pedestrian bridge over I-705 is proving to be insufficient in fueling foot traffic from Pacific Avenue to Dock Street. Even before these closures, Dock Street has been a ghost town, … Read moreLet’s give ‘em something to talk about