Old Elks Lodge: New McMenamin’s Hotel

Take a look at this place! The current McMenamin’s project is staggering. Downtown On The Go put on a tour of the site last night for 100 lucky folks. It was pretty dark in there so please excuse that the photos are a bit noisy and blurry. There is a whole lotta scaffolding in this … Read moreOld Elks Lodge: New McMenamin’s Hotel

Pacific Avenue in ruins

Photo of old Pacific Avenue trees lining the street Dec. 2012 It’s hard to pass through the northern end of Pacific Avenue right now without feeling like excrement. After driving through earlier, I am unable to fully comprehend what is happening down there. It has been puzzling for awhile now and I’ve been doing my … Read morePacific Avenue in ruins

This ain’t yer grandma’s Wednesday

Wednesday on the Water is finally catching on. It’s taken many years and countless posts for this never-going-to-be-a-household-name event to catch on. At least a dozen people have now participated and there’s no telling where inertia might take us. In Tacoma we gather on Wednesday nights half the year to paddle around Commencement Bay or … Read moreThis ain’t yer grandma’s Wednesday