Old Elks Lodge: New McMenamin’s Hotel

Take a look at this place! The current McMenamin’s project on Broadway is staggering. Downtown On The Go put on a fantastic tour of the site last night for 100 lucky folks. Great things are happening down there. This will be the premier space in Tacoma as soon as it opens. There is a whole … Read moreOld Elks Lodge: New McMenamin’s Hotel

Time is running out for Proctor Station

Proctor Station hasn’t changed in months. A double-wide, double expensive clothing store is all we have to show for our new building. Well, that and a lot of shade and a couple parking spots in Proctor Canyon. I want to like this place. I remain open-minded. Sort of. If donuts or something of equal weight … Read moreTime is running out for Proctor Station

Commercial tenants in Proctor Station

I’ll say this about the future tenants of Proctor Station: they better kick ass. It’s unfair and real.¬†Everyone will stop super-disliking this building if we get something out of it. Most of us will never go above street level in this place so the street level shops are the only thing that will matter once … Read moreCommercial tenants in Proctor Station

Pacific Avenue in ruins

Photo of old Pacific Avenue trees lining the street Dec. 2012 It’s hard to pass through the northern end of Pacific Avenue right now without feeling like excrement. After driving through earlier, I am unable to fully comprehend what is happening down there. It has been puzzling for awhile now and I’ve been doing my … Read morePacific Avenue in ruins

Owners set to remodel classic Tacoma restaurant

   Harbor Lights has been a staple on the Tacoma waterfront for decades. Over the years very little has changed here and its patrons love the consistency. Most people were a little nervous when they heard that the classic seafood joint planned to undergo a facelift starting today, March 11, 2013. It is rumored that … Read moreOwners set to remodel classic Tacoma restaurant