Puyallup Fair is better than Disneyland

Washington State Fair

I know it’s called the Washington State Fair now but I had to make sure the Puyallup Fair gets its due in the annals of written history. Since early childhood I’ve preferred a well-planned marathon in Puyallup to a plodding weekend in Anaheim. Since early childhood I’ve been verbally executed by people of all ages for harboring this opinion.

We used to go on bracelet day. Preferably early morning, midweek, in the pouring rain. There is no better scenario for maximizing your ride quotient, as most people (even Northwesterners) are at school/work or less than thrilled to hang out in the rain riding wet, greasy rides. Their loss.

You could easily bank 20 rides before lunch if you were on your game. I don’t know if I’ve ever banked 20 rides in an entire weekend at Disneyland. Space Mountain is awesome, but the crowds, lines and prices make it no match for a good day in Puyallup. We have taken our daughter to do the Puyallup the past couple years. Contrary to what I’m hearing from plenty of other parents, I find it glorious. A $27 Dizzy Pass is good for a day of unlimited rides, and you simply can’t beat that at Disneyland.

New Text Messaging Law: Legislative Projectile Vomit

As if the new red light cameras in town weren’t a big enough joke, our lawmakers have made themselves look even more pathetic than once believed possible.

It’s finally here — the subjective law to end all subjective laws.

Apparently screaming at your children in the backseat, masturbating, smoking, changing CD’s, picking your nose, applying lipstick, spilling a hot latte in your lap, flipping the bird, needlessly honking your horn, scarfing cheeseburgers and fries, reading a book, singing along to 93.3, operating on less than an hour of sleep, playing air guitar, scanning radio stations, fighting with your better half, writing your next blog entry, cleaning spit off the inside of your windshield, gazing into the rearview mirror at yourself, reaching for the loose change under your seat, cleaning out your glove box, banging your head to Hannah Montana’s latest tracks, talking on a cell phone with a wireless headset and thinking of new ways to be rad are some of the things that are perfectly legal to do while driving.

I am not a frequent text messager. I am a cell phone driver. I do not own any stock in any tech, automotive, donut or traffic ticket paper making companies. That being said, people should either be able to do anything they wish or nothing at all while driving, and the latter seems a bit Fahrenheit 451 for this writer. If you want to be guaranteed safety, stay off the roads entirely. While I certainly don’t feel that text messaging while driving is a good idea, I’ve been unsuccessful in trying to convince myself that this law makes sense. On the contrary, I have moved from casual support to stout opposition in 3 days flat.

Somebody please try to convince me otherwise. I’m in the mood for a good debate. In the meantime, I’ll be the guy avidly plucking my nosehairs in traffic…That is, if I’m not busy slamming on my brakes at poorly timed yellow lights that I used to run habitually.

Jake Locker hurt

Jake Locker took a vicious hit to the helmet in the 2nd quarter of tonight’s game at Oregon State in Corvallis. This was an absolutely devastating moment for any member of Husky Nation. He lay motionless on the field for a couple minutes before they rolled him over onto his back and removed the face mask from his helmet. They took him away in an ambulance and hopefully more information on his condition will be released soon. For now, all thoughts are with Jake and his family.