Puyallup Fair is better than Disneyland

Washington State Fair

I know it’s called the Washington State Fair now but I had to make sure the Puyallup Fair gets its due in the annals of written history. Since early childhood I’ve preferred a well-planned marathon in Puyallup to a plodding weekend in Anaheim. Since early childhood I’ve been verbally executed by people of all ages for harboring this opinion.

We used to go on bracelet day. Preferably early morning, midweek, in the pouring rain. There is no better scenario for maximizing your ride quotient, as most people (even Northwesterners) are at school/work or less than thrilled to hang out in the rain riding wet, greasy rides. Their loss.

You could easily bank 20 rides before lunch if you were on your game. I don’t know if I’ve ever banked 20 rides in an entire weekend at Disneyland. Space Mountain is awesome, but the crowds, lines and prices make it no match for a good day in Puyallup. We have taken our daughter to do the Puyallup the past couple years. Contrary to what I’m hearing from plenty of other parents, I find it glorious. A $27 Dizzy Pass is good for a day of unlimited rides, and you simply can’t beat that at Disneyland.

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