Nick -n- Willy’s Pizza

2602 North Proctor
Tacoma, WA
(253) 444-3060

The anticipation was killing me. The time was finally here to make my inaugural voyage to Nick -N- Willy’s Pizza. In all ways, I was ready.Too bad Nick -N- Willy’s was not. I won’t get into the details at this time, as this was merely their 3rd day in bidness. Everything that could go wrong went wrong tonight.

I will return in the not-so-distant future for a mulligan visit. The gloves will be off, and I will check my politically correct at the door. I’m expecting perfect next time. Anything less would be uncivilized.

Now open at the corner of 26th & Proctor, Nick-n-Willy’s offers take & bake AND cooked pizzas, salads, and dessert items. Notable pizza ingredients: Pesto w/ pine nuts sauce, feta, seasoned beef, fresh spinach, mandarin oranges, fresh chopped cilantro, smoked bacon andmany others. Family size signature pizzas go for $16.99 and personal pizzas are $5.99. Please give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Junior Daffodil Parade

This morning I headed up to the heart of the Proctor District to get a closeup on the Junior Daffodil Parade. In prior years, I’ve been on my way to Starbuck’s or the grocery store, unknowingly crossing up with a tidal wave of pedestrians, blockades and other confused breakfast-seekers. The Proctor District is no fun in a car on this particular morning. This year I gained the upperhand on the whole scenario, opting to travel by bicycle. Let me tell you, those blockades are GREAT when you’re on a bike because they don’t mean anything to you, except that you don’t even have to look for vehicles once you’re on the inside.

This was a very peaceful parade, amid a wonderful spell of sunshine and smiling faces; I meandered like a garter snake throught the apparent pretzel shaped course, snapping photos here and there. I even snuck up on my good friend and neighbor for a chat as the parade came to a close. This day ranks 2nd in “friendly neighborhood vibe of the year” only to the Mason Street block party, coming to an intersection near you in August.

As we were about to head home, we learned that the Junior Daffodil Website is the place to go to register a group to participate in the parade next year. We may get our (substantial group from the) block party involved next year, depending on what it takes to do so. Although I still don’t really know what purpose the parade serves other than community enjoyment, it sounds like a good idea to participate.

If the news cameras show up it must be good, right? Maybe even a breaking news bit on Tacoma Scout Pac 50 doing their best on the evening report?