Tacoma housing prices lit to pop

Ask and you shall receive. I’ve been begging the Gods of Density to shine favorably on our fair city, and they’ve finally responded. The single most important economic indicator to the private sector is on the mend. If you’ve been paying attention you could already sense that perceptions were improving, but this was a very nice surprise. I’m not a link forwarder by trade, but this article on national housing markets is just the best thing to land on Tacoma in a long time.

If you love The City of Density like I do, then you should not be too surprised that experts are predicting Tacoma, Washington to be the top performing housing market in the country over the next 5 years. Median property values are expected to increase 20% or better over that period. Friends, this makes me smile.

Get your house in order to sell or your finances in line to buy, and spread the word to anyone you know with somewhat of an interest or a stake in Tacoma property values.

Dave’s Meat & Produce

Dave’s Meat & Produce is unique. Small market stores generally have a difficult time providing enough variety to draw a consistent shopper base away from the big grocery stores. In this case, the big competition combo of Safeway and Metropolitan Market lurks just 3 stoplights west in the heart of the Proctor District.

Times are tough. People are watching their pennies. Like many other small businesses in Tacoma, Dave’s Meat & Produce needs our help to stay alive. I noticed that the coffee stand in front of their building went out of business recently. This concerns me. I want to make sure the coffee stand is the only thing on that lot that fails. Dave’s is more than worthy of staying in business here for a long time.

By supporting local growers, and providing top quality produce, meat, seafood and personal service, Dave’s has everything you’ll need to make an entire meal, big or small. You’ll be in and out of this place in minutes – and if you’re really in a hurry, there are several prepared dishes ready for the grill or the oven, facilitating gourmet, homemade meals in minutes. They may not be the cheapest place in town, but you should remember to drop in the next time you want a fun, convenient shopping experience and a healthy meal at home.

Dave’s Meat & Produce
1312 North I Street
Tacoma, WA
(253) 280-9999