Red light cameras in Tacoma, part II

Things have gone completely downhill since we last visited the topic of Tacoma’s shiny, new red light cameras. More of these little buggers are popping up all the time. Kamerakrieg is well underway around town and I’m much more pissed off than before. The dipshits over at traffic central are rumored to be enjoying the … Read moreRed light cameras in Tacoma, part II

Cluster Channel

Tacoma and Clear Channel have resurrected a cute little quarrel from the prior century, and you can see it right in front of your mug EVERYWHERE around town. Perhaps the words “Constitutions Matter” ring a bell? Unless you drive with your eyes closed, you have seen this message everywhere, and you’ve also noticed that more … Read moreCluster Channel

Intersection cameras

The idea of putting Lakewood-inspired cameras in Tacoma intersections to catch speeders and yellow-to-red light runners is absurd for a battery of reasons. First and foremost, nobody should ever be forced to slam on their brakes because a light is changing colors. I haven’t stopped hard for yellow-to-red light in years, and I don’t like … Read moreIntersection cameras