Clear Channel owed Tacoma $25,519,088.11
Clear Channel can now do whatever they want in my book. They should take their time, drag their feet, play grabass, etc. Why not, Tacoma? The more retarded they are in responding to the new rules, the more their bill goes up. As long as somebody holds them to paying the bill, I say they may just be one of 2007’s MVP’s in the area of charitable donations to the City of Tacoma. They should change their logo to resemble Santa Claus if this continues. I never thought they would have been so generous. What a wonderful company!

Cluster Channel

Tacoma and Clear Channel have resurrected a cute little quarrel from the prior century, and you can see it right in front of your mug EVERYWHERE around town. Perhaps the words “Constitutions Matter” ring a bell? Unless you drive with your eyes closed, you have seen this message everywhere, and you’ve also noticed that more and more appear by the hour.

For those of you under a rock, drive through Tacoma proper, and the first billboard you locate should explain everything.

Clear Channel has about 2,495,872,598,725,987 billboards around Tacoma, and they are all rumored to be changing to “Constitutions Matter” in the near future. A quick search of the internet for this phrase quickly brings you to an array of anti-Clear Channel articles, blogs, postings, etc. On behalf of Clear Channel’s marketing department, let me just say BRILLIANT!