What did Chico do anyway?

Dave Hates Chico
Dave Hates Chico rockin The Spar in Old Town Tacoma

Last time they came to town, the result was an acoustic rainbow through the back room of The Spar on a gorgeous summer evening in Old Town. You can expect virtually nothing to be the same this time around.

Dave Hates Chico is synonymous with the word acoustic. Or at least they have been in Seattle for double digit years. They’ve taken their acoustic open mic gig all over the country, from Seattle to New York and back again. They have established themselves as one of the country’s most reputable duos of open mic. Their acoustic repertoire goes for miles and nobody can dispute that.

So why are they switching to electric??

Come find out on Saturday night.

What many of you have never seen before, I have. I have spent many an hour playing electric guitar with Jeremy Johnson. Truth be told, electricity is actually at the root of my relationship with Jeremy. If it weren’t for electric guitars and gourmet sandwiches, this article would likely never have been penned.

The only guy more excited for this show than me has to be Jeremy himself. My resources are saying that he is rather jacked up to plug in and get loud. Those of you who only know his gentle, acoustic side may be a bit surprised by his possible anger and ferocity set to be on display here this weekend.

Bring your earplugs and your thirst for good beer and great people. I’ll be bringing my Smiths requests and an appetite for rock. I might even be packing a Pesto Chicken sandwich in my pocket. We’ll see how it unfolds. The only thing I can guarantee is greatness.

See you there.

Dave Hates Chico at the Spar

My old friend Jeremy Johnson is coming to The Spar this Saturday, 8/1, with his bandmate, Kevyn Smith. They are Dave Hates Chico and they promise to pull out all the stops for their worldwide, exclusive North Tacoma debut. Check out the link to hear their new song.

Jeremy and I used to devour pairs of sandwiches together from the famed, and now defunct Raindancer sandwich shop in the University District of Seattle in the mid 90’s. This was our ritual: he would ride his bicycle from Queen Anne to my house in Wallingford with his guitar strapped to his back (I always thought that was super cool) and then we’d go snatch up a bag of sandwiches pre-jam. I’ve played guitar with many people and I’ve eaten Raindancer sandwiches with many people, but NO MAN could do both with as much fervor as Jeremy. Further, no other man explored the entire sandwich menu so completely. He even renamed most of the sandwiches for our purposes to aid in identifying their effects on the human body.

Dave Hates Chico has recently toured the country and their new EP “Floatin” is available now. Aside from playing great music, these guys are on a crusade to sort out the mess created by the music licensing business. Venues in Seattle are forced to pay licensing fees for cover songs played under their roof, and it is killing the live music scene in the process. I support Jeremy and Kevyn in all of their endeavors.

If you’re at The Spar and you don’t like this band, I will buy you one (1) pint of Hale’s Cream Ale, or another beer of equal or lesser value for your troubles. Once you’ve finished your free beer, I will show you the door.