Tacoma gas explosion

Every time I leave Tacoma, something important goes down. This time it is a huge propane explosion at Atlas in the Nalley Valley. If anyone has pictures of the explosion, this Tacoma guy would like to see them. I just can’t picture a 1000 foot flame on my own. Pictures would be very interesting, if any of you happened to be photo-ready at the time. If not, any firsthand accounts would be appreciated. We are 3 time zones away and wondering what on earth happened? Propane explosions don’t happen often in Tacoma, although something about it seems fitting. Please send any info ASAP. Thanks.

New bridge and traffic cameras. Dumb and dumber.

So the new Narrows bridge is a wink away from opening and I remain less than convinced that it will improve the overall flow of traffic between I-5 and Gig Harbor. How will the Nalley Valley S-curves capacity be improved? I feel as though me may be moving the bottleneck slowly from the Narrows toward the Highway 16/I-5 junction. Between the new bridge and the coming traffic cameras in Tacoma, it’s going to be an exciting summer on the roadways.

I will gladly buy a North Tacoma espresso drink of choice for the first person to show me their traffic ticket from the new camera(s). I’d love to be as aware of these shenanigans as possible, and I’ll do my best to spread the word of where the cameras are and what they are looking for.

Good luck out there.