Wintergrass leaves Tacoma

The blues festival formerly known as Tacoma’s Wintergrass has left the building.

It gets worse. Wintergrass will now be in Bellevue. Here’s another giant step backward for the City of Density. Gracious me, what is going on in this town? We just lost a cool music festival to BELLEVUE!

That is disgusting.

Bellevue sucks.

They have no business pulling a rainy-season blues event out of the gritty city. It’s getting harder and harder for me to call Tacoma gritty. Who coined that anyway? If it was you, please chime in with justification for said nomenclature. We have an industrial port, our fair share of condemned buildings and a burgeoning meth scene. I guess that’s sorta gritty.

The economy is quietly bouncing back, spurring me to request no further setbacks for Tacoma until after summer. I want positive momentum. I want positive economic development. I want more culture, not less. The Old Town Blues Festival is coming up on July 11th; hopefully people will turn out in droves to show their support.


The Viaduct is the latest all ages club to pop up in my radar and it happens to be one block from where I spend much of my working life. As I rarely go to random all ages shows that don’t involve Floater, I will probably not find myself at this venue anytime soon. Obviously, I will have to rely on others to curb my current curiosity.

Kane Hodder is playing the Viaduct tonight, I believe. They will draw a crowd that knows a thing or two about music venues. As Kane Hodder opened for Floater not long ago, I respect them and their fans. Please, somebody, chime in with an account of the May 16th, 2008 Kane Hodder show in Tacoma.

Specifically, how is the club’s sound system? And if you are a wee youngster, did you feel safe in there? Any riff-raff ooze in from the surrounding, industrial wasteland neighborhood? I would like to see more businesses succeed here, and it’s great for kids to have hangout options other than bowling alleys, movie theaters, and malls.

Diversity appears to be at the core of Viaduct; I see they have a hip-hop show and a dance party scheduled in the near future to complement the expected rock shows on the calendar. They’ve even booked bands as far out as September! Good for them.

The Viaduct
5412 South Tacoma Way