“Bring on the Slice” There’s pizza and then there’s PIZZA!

Ah Badabing logoIf you’re from NY and missing the pizza you grew up with, or are just looking for a new adventure in Pizza, Ah Badabing is for you. Tucked away in Lakewood on 100th Street, across from McDonald’s in the little brick shopping strip, it is worth the effort to find. Owner/operator Brian D’Millo introduces the authentic NY style pizza that North Westerners have been missing out on! Hand-crafted with fresh ingredients and signature sauce created from Brain’s childhood memories, this pizza is perfect whether you are hosting the gang for Monday night football, grabbing lunch, or just enjoying a quiet “pizza and a movie” night at home. Pizza from $4.99 a slice that easily feeds two, to a 30″ multiple topping pizza that feeds 8-16 people, depending on the number of teenagers! Try it once, and Ah Badabing Pizzeria will become your “go-to” Pizzeria!

Ah Badabing Pizzeria, 6101 100th St SW, Lakewood, WA, (253) 582-2170

Brian D'Millo holding a slice of pizza Ah Badabing Storefront Brian D'Millo throwing dough

Town Hall Meeting

I’m from Tacoma. The area where I grew up is now called Lakewood, but it was Tacoma when I lived there. As a result, I’ve kept a close eye on what’s been going on since the incorporation. Something big is brewing in L-Town tonight.

A town hall meeting with US Representative Adam Smith is scheduled to take place in Harry Lang Stadium (formerly Lakewood Stadium) tonight, August 25, 2009, from 7 – 8:30pm. The meeting was originally planned for a smaller venue, but the overwhelming interest in health care has attracted hoards of local residents to the conversation. Aside from moving the meeting to a STADIUM, it is also necessary to RSVP if you want to attend. Call (253) 593-6600 for more information.

Personally, I will plan on being nowhere near there. If you should happen to be in attendance for the ruckus, please remember the following:
a) a summary email to admin@northtacoma.net
b) camera
c) kevlar vest
d) combat helmet

Revolution. Reunion.

As everybody knows, the Facebook thing is completely bonkers. It is exercising viral domination on society like nothing I’ve seen prior, and along the way it is reshaping our culture. Email is a nifty idea. It provides a way to keep in touch with people you otherwise would not keep in touch with. Facebook takes this to an absolute extreme by putting you in touch with people you forgot you knew in the first place.

It used to take a class president hours to organize a mediocre reunion for one class back in the day. With the help of Facebook, a few girls from Lakewood have launched their own reunion. Not just for a graduating class at a particular school, but a sort of open invite to people from an entire town, from an entire era. The 80’s and 90’s era Lakewood kids have been summoned.

The Hub on Tacoma Ave near Stadium High School will be the location, and I am curious to see the extent of the actual turnout. It has been discussed that there will be many no-shows, but also that there will be plenty of attendees who don’t even participate in Facebook. At last count, the official “yes” RSVP’s totalled 26. I have this sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot more than 26 people there, but we’ll find out tonight. See you there!

Inaugural Lakehood Reunion, 8:30pm

203 Tacoma Ave S
Tacoma, WA
(253) 683-4601