Free, dumb, fair

No matter which side you’re on, I bet you’ll agree with me on this one. Fire & brimstone, sodomy, lesbopervs and their roles within the church do not paint a picture I want screamed in my face at the Freedom Fair. Did anyone else see the freak with the huge and inappropriate-for-children sign and the money toilet on his back? This guy was really pushing the limits of freedom of speech as I understand it.

Other than these isolated over-zealots spewing their cacophony, I was impressed with the “mellow” factor surrounding the Freedom Fair today (We were there 3 – 5pm). Cool crafts, clothing and culinary chaos reigned supreme down Ruston Way this afternoon, over a backdrop of live bands and performers. Tacoma showed a more attractive, diverse side of herself today in comparison with last weekend at Point Defiance. The Taste of Tacoma is really no such thing. There is actually a deficiency of true local Tacoma restaurants at the Taste; isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?

The powers that be might want to take a close look at the way these events are marketed. FM radio stations and an isolated print ad in a newspaper aren’t gonna cut it. I find that event marketers in this town are narrow in their pursuits. Anybody else find that the Taste of Tacoma sneaks up on them every year?