Friday the 13th

Besides the horror movie series, does anyone know the origins of the “Friday the 13th” concept? Several bible stories reference Fridays and the 13th day of the month being unlucky. The DaVinci Code even mentions Friday the 13th of October in the year 1307 as a bad day. Despite this, the marriage of the number 13 and Friday being a bad thing looks to have really gained some steam in the early 1900’s. English, German, Polish & Portuguese cultures have all considered Friday the 13th to be a day of bad luck for the past 100 years. There is even a formal term for the fear of such days: paraskavedekatriaphobia – derived from 3 Greek words that mean Friday, thirteen, and phobia. I challenge anyone to find a word with more syllables than that one (supercalifragilisticexpialodocious doesn’t count!)

So, everyone in Tacoma, be careful today; don’t step on any sidewalk cracks, ignore your black cat, leave your umbrella in your car and, for crimony’s sake, don’t walk under any ladders until tomorrow.

Intersection cameras

The idea of putting Lakewood-inspired cameras in Tacoma intersections to catch speeders and yellow-to-red light runners is absurd for a battery of reasons. First and foremost, nobody should ever be forced to slam on their brakes because a light is changing colors. I haven’t stopped hard for yellow-to-red light in years, and I don’t like the idea of my coffee and other items loose in my vehicle flying about the cabin, not to mention my wasted gas mileage, and overall wasted time at even more red lights in town being the ultimate result.

Yellow lights should be twice as long in duration as they are currently. Who ever stops smoothly at a yellow light? I see people standing on their brake pedals and guarding their passengers with their forearm all the time. This is their prerogative, however, I choose not to play this game. Installation of cameras at key nodes in my daily travel path would likely change my behavior. This is exactly what they want, and this pisses me off.

The overall message I’d like to send here is that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the traffic & road realm should absorb taxpayer time and money unless it involves making them faster, smoother and/or less congested. I don’t see any of that at the heart of this issue. What I do see is scared, over-conservative drivers around town believing this to be a great idea for “making our roads safer” and generating revenue at the same time!

These folks will meet opposition as long as I’M ALIVE.

Spring/Summer 2007 on Commencement Bay

I say that those of us with kayaks make it a point to join the sailboat club on Commencement Bay this spring & summer on Wednesday nights. As often as possible, drop your boat in the water down on Ruston Way. The Tacoma waterfront is a great place to paddle around. This would be a great concept to merge with the Tacoma Photo Gang.. Many great photos of Tacoma to be had from the surface of the Bay.

Who’s with me??

Jade Palace

The White Jade combination dinner at Jade Palace is the ultimate religious holiday meal for 2+ people. If you haven’t had their egg rolls, go now. I’ve been eating at Jade Palace since the 70’s and it never disappoints. Service in the dining room is usually pretty quick if you want to dine in. I prefer takout. Just don’t forget to bring your tupperware container for to-go soup orders.