Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48

Super Bowl XLVIII

We’re back.

That’s the thought that keeps coming back to me. The Seattle Seahawks have transformed this region (again) on their way to their 2nd Super Bowl in the last 10 years. That alone sounds remarkable, but it is the effect they have had on the fans that stands out to me as we head down the final stretch and into this weekend’s epic contest. Rabid Seahawks support is everywhere you look in Tacoma and from what I understand it’s like this all over Oregon and Idaho as well. That’s where the support stops, however, as most of the country is pulling for the wrong outcome.

The best ever? Some say that’s exactly what Peyton Manning is. A much smaller population believes that the Seahawks defense might be the best ever. Funny thing is, the outcome of this game will likely cement one of these in the stone of water cooler debates for eternity. And if the Seahawks defense has their best game of the year? They will be in the discussion of best defenses ever, right alongside the ’85 Chicago Bears. Many believe this could be the first of many opportunities for this core of players to get to the Super Bowl, given their youth and low payroll. Forget the ’85 Bears. We could be staring into a kaleidoscope of future greatness.

We are up against Peyton Manning and the most potent regular season offense of all time. All the know-it-all’s have always said “defense wins championships.” It’s time to find out how the old adage holds up on the biggest stage. It’s almost laboratory perfect, this matchup. Pure offense vs. pure defense. Denver as the good guys vs. Seattle as the bad guys. Denver as America’s Team, and Seattle as the forgotten underdog. People want to witness greatness so they root for Peyton Manning. If he has a brilliant game and takes home the trophy, many will boast it to be the best single season performance of all time and they were there to see it. What they aren’t seeing yet is that the Seahawks are about to rise up and put a whooping on the Broncos – and in the process, out of nowhere, we might just be watching the best defense of all-time.

Dare to dream.

Could it be right there?

Will the drought end?

I can’t wait to look back at this in a week.

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  1. As much as we hoped for what occurred on 2/2/14, seeing it happen was for us “12’s” an emotional exhale. We wanted it, we hoped for it, and we tried to believe in it. With all the East Coast media attention and rhetoric being given to the Broncos, it was hard to be pre-maturely over-confident, but when the chips fell as they did, we all mentally pointed to those naysayers and thought, “See, even though the Seahawks are from the NW and long forgotten on the national level of the NFL, you had better pay very close attention from now on if you want to keep your ‘elevated’ opinions being valued by the rest.

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