North end walking

I took my first walk through the north end with my daughter in a stroller and my faithful puppy dog earlier today. While it has always been apparent that the neighborhood is walkable, it occurred to me that I couldn’t ask for a better place to raise a child in this region.

During a 45-minute walk, I encountered very few cars, enjoyed smiles from several other walkers and enjoyed the nice, smooth sidewalks some of us may take for granted. Never have I lived anywhere with better sidewalks. The city recently forced many residents to pay for sidewalk repairs, mostly due to tree-root damage. At first this seemed unreasonable to me, but today I realized the benefits.

Little kids, skateboards, strollers, inline skates, wheelchairs… whatever it is you use to travel our sidewalks, you should have no trouble getting from point A to point B. Just another reason North Tacoma is the best neighborhood in the world.

1 thought on “North end walking”

  1. It is a true fact that North Tacoma is the best neighborhood in the world. I agree with this point. Most people living there are kind and good-hearted people. The sidewalks are the main attraction of North Tacoma. I also used to go for morning walks everyday and these sidewalks are nice. I thought forcing the residents to pay for the repairs and maintenance for sidewalk was unreasonable as well, but the comfort of the sidewalk today proves that it is quite reasonable.

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