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Tacoma drug stores, pharmacy

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Bartell Drugs3601 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 761-1248
Cost Plus RX204 North I StreetTacoma, WA(253) 572-6473
Fred Meyer4505 S 19th StTacoma, WA(253) 756-9295
Fred Meyer6305 Bridgeport Way WUniversity Place, WA(253) 460-4000
Kmart5132 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 752-3584
Kmart1414 E 72nd StTacoma, WA(253) 531-6824
Medical Center Pharmacy1206 S 11th StTacoma, WA(253) 383-5359
ranko's corner drug store101 N Tacoma AveTacoma, WA(253) 383-2411
rite-aid1912 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 879-0140
rite-aid1850 S Mildred StTacoma, WA(253) 460-9599
Rite-Aid3840 Bridgeport Way WUniversity Place, WA(253) 564-2255
Safeway2637 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 759-9251
Safeway2411 N Proctor StTacoma, WA(253) 752-5570
Safeway1402 S 38th StTacoma, WA(253) 471-1630
Sav-On Pharmacy3905 Bridgeport Way WUniversity Place, WA(253) 565-7997
Target3320 S 23rd StTacoma, WA(253) 627-2112
Walgreens3540 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 759-4597
Walgreens4315 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 756-5149
Walgreens2650 Bridgeport Way WUniversity Place, WA(253) 564-0351
Walgreens5602 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 203-0074
Walmart7001 Bridgeport Way WLakewood, WA(253) 512-0969
Walmart1965 S Union AveTacoma, WA(253) 414-9526
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