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Breakfast in Tacoma

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Alfred's Cafe402 Puyallup AveTacoma, WA(253) 627-5491
Aroma Cafe & Coffee1001 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 203-0016
Art House Cafe111 N Tacoma AveTacoma, WA(253) 212-2011
Bella Latte6450 Tacoma Mall BlvdTacoma, WA(253) 472-1975
Ben Dew's Clubhouse Grill6501 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 564-4442
Billy B's1213 S 56th StTacoma, WA(253) 314-5260
Blue Steele Coffee & Cafe11401 Steele St STacoma, WA(253) 536-7721
Buttered Biscuit1014 North StSumner, WA(253) 826-6099
C.I. Shenanigan's3017 N Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 752-8811
Cafe Brosseau2716 N 21st StTacoma, WA(253) 327-1306
Cliffhouse6300 Marine View Dr NETacoma, WA(253) 927-0400
Cook's Tavern3201 N 26th StTacoma, WA(253) 327-1777
Crown Bar2705 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 272-4177
Cutters Point Coffee2209 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 759-9320
Cutters Point Coffee9528 Bridgeport Way SWUniversity Place, WA(253) 301-0155
Cutters Point Coffee2700 Bridgeport Way WUniversity Place, WA(253) 565-4935
Cutters Point Coffee5104 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 761-3113
Denny's5924 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 565-6037
Dirty Oscar's Annex2309 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 572-0588
Emerald Queen Casino Hotel5700 Pacific Hwy EFife, WA(888) 820-3555
Emerald Queen Casino I-52024 E 29th StTacoma, WA(888) 831-7655
Fergie's on the Ave3504 McKinley Ave ETacoma, WA(253) 627-5874
Harmon Hub203 Tacoma Ave STacoma, WA(253) 683-4606
Harvester Restaurant29 Tacoma Ave NTacoma, WA(253) 272-1193
Hazelwood Road Espresso1213 S Sprague AveTacoma, WA(253) 961-6886
Hob Nob Restaurant & Lounge716 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 272-3200
Homestead Restaurant7837 S Tacoma WayTacoma, WA(253) 475-3252
Hotel Murano1320 Broadway PlazaTacoma, WA(253) 238-8000
Hub203 Tacoma Ave STacoma, WA(253) 683-4606
IHOP1802 S Mildred StTacoma, WA(253) 566-1777
Jack in the Box6702 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 565-2934
Jack in the Box2420 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 627-2907
Jack in the Box3922 Bridgeport Way WTacoma, WA(253) 565-3513
Jack in the Box2054 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 597-8974
Jack in the Box4702 S Center StTacoma, WA(253) 460-3441
Jack in the Box5517 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 473-3407
Jack in the Box7605 S Hosmer StTacoma, WA(253) 475-9465
Jack in the Box8504 Hipkins Rd SWLakewood, WA(253) 984-0661
Jack in the Box9815 Gravelly Lake Dr SWLakewood, WA(253) 584-4155
Java Fusion6820 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 565-1017
Johnny's Dock1900 East D StreetTacoma, WA(253) 627-3186
Knapp's Restaurant & Lounge2707 N Proctor StTacoma, WA(253) 759-9009
Marcia's Silver Spoon2601 South Tacoma WayTacoma, WA(253) 472-0157
McDonald's (6th & Pearl)6311 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 565-3827
McDonald's (downtown)802 Tacoma Ave STacoma, WA(253) 272-4942
McDonald's (Fircrest)4814 Center StTacoma, WA(253) 460-1069
McDonald's (Union)1975 S Union AveTacoma, WA(253) 272-6000
McDonald's (Westgate)2203 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 756-6771
McNamara's Pub1595 Wilmington DrDupont, WA(253) 964-9200
Metronome Coffee3518 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 212-1503
Mitchells Always Cook-N5037 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 302-3661
Montamara Kitchen2208 N 30th StTacoma, WA(253) 314-5892
Old Milwaukee Cafe & Dessert3102 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 761-2602
Original Pancake House601 S Pine StTacoma, WA(253) 212-0580
Pacific Grill1502 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 627-3535
Parkway Tavern313 North I StreetTacoma, WA(253) 383-8748
Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits6402 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 565-0797
Puget Sound Pizza317 S 7th StTacoma, WA(253) 383-4777
renaissance cafe1746 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 572-1029
RJ's Burgers430 East 25th StTacoma, WA(253) 572-2575
Rosewood Cafe3323 N 26th StTacoma, WA(253) 752-7999
Savor Creperie1916 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 365-5534
Shakabrah Java2618 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 572-4369
Shari's Restaurant2323 South Union AvenueTacoma, WA(253) 272-4837
Shenanigan's3017 N Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 752-8811
Silver Spoon Cafe2601 South Tacoma WayTacoma, WA(253) 472-0157
Southern Kitchen1716 N 6th StTacoma, WA(253) 627-4282
Spar2121 N 30th StTacoma, WA(253) 627-8215
Starbucks (Don't do it!)2602 N Proctor St #100Tacoma, WA(253) 756-1859
Starbucks (Don't do it!)2405 N Pearl St #4Tacoma, WA(253) 752-5407
Starbucks (Don't do it!)2112 N 30th St #CTacoma, WA(253) 573-1901
Starbucks (Don't do it!)1748 Pacific AveTacoma, WA(253) 573-1789
Starbucks (Don't do it!)1101 Pacific Ave STacoma, WA(253) 572-2219
Starbucks (Don't do it!)4802 Center StTacoma, WA(253) 564-1175
Starbucks (Don't do it!)2008 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 272-1023
Starbucks (Don't do it!)3401 S 23rd StTacoma, WA(253) 272-0849
The Table2715 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 327-1862
Tully's Coffee24 N Tacoma AveTacoma, WA(253) 627-4477
Tully's Coffee764 BroadwayTacoma, WA(253) 627-5646
Two Town Pub & Cafe5005 Main StRuston, WA(253) 212-9477
West End Pub & Grill3840 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 759-2896
Westgate Inn5928 N 26th StTacoma, WA(253) 756-7072
WildFin American Grill5115 Grand LoopTacoma, WA(253) 267-1772

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